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PC blueseeds International Women baseball Tournament. First ever WBM official Tournament.

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

[Special correspondent Wang Yuling reports from Taipei] The 2019 Fuxi Cup International Women's Baseball Invitational Tournament will be held at Taipei New Life Park and Guanshan Baseball Stadium from May 23 to 25. This is the first time that China has combined innovative women's and public welfare events. It symbolizes the development of Taiwan's women's baseball to a new milestone.

The 2019 Fuxi Cup International Women's Baseball Invitational Tournament was jointly sponsored by Fuxiyuan and Taiwan Women's Baseball Promotion Association. A total of 6 teams participated in the competition. In addition to the two Taiwanese teams, including Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, the Taiwanese team will participate in the show. Malaysia is the first to participate in the international women's baseball event.

Liu Bojun, director of the Taiwan Women's Baseball Promotion Association, has been promoting women's baseball for many years. He was awarded the International Olympic Women's and Sports Award at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. She said that baseball is our national football, but women's baseball resources are few. Composed of volunteers, this competition is equal to the efforts of women's baseball promotion for many years, hoping to attract attention from outside.

Zhan Ruhui, founder and CEO of Fuxiyuan, said that after knowing Liu Baijun because of his fate, he learned that there are many outstanding female baseball players in Taiwan who love the sport and use the time of work and chores to practice the ball carefully. I won the runner-up, but the attention and resources I received in China are far less than those in other countries. "Fu Fuyuan is only a small company, but it is the most willing to sponsor. I hope that it will lead the way for domestic enterprises and the public. Taiwan’s women’s development has invested more attention.”

Lin Zongcheng, secretary general of the National Association of Bars, pointed out that this is the first women's baseball game held by a private institution in China. It is very valuable. These little girls are not afraid of the sun, raining and playing hard, even more enthusiastic than boys, and they are happy to see women's baseball. Strong and willing to give help.

The 2019 Fuxi Cup International Women's Baseball Invitational Tournament will be held at the Xinsheng Park Baseball Stadium on May 24th. On May 25th, a special market will be held at the Xinsheng Park Baseball Stadium, which will be combined with public welfare and social enterprises throughout Taiwan. The activity balance will be invested in charity and support the Women's Baseball Association to continue to promote women's baseball in the country.

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